The main benefit of the brakes is to stop or slow the speed of turbine cycles and prevent it from moving after stopping movement. There are two main types of brakes that are connected to the rotor and slow down the speed to not exceed a certain limit by aerodynamics. Aerodynamic Brakes, which control the angle of the pitch and thus control the amount of force affecting the blades, which are rotated most often and then control the speed, and also deployable blade tips and spoilers and flaps and brake parachutes, But the main problem with this method of control is that it can cause a system imbalance due to lack of synchronization or compatibility All the blades together (eg, the pitch angle is not equal to all blades).

The second type of brakes is a type connected to the mechanical system, and the most common type of disc brakes, and because the torque is low on the high speed shaft (the shaft out of the gearbox and associated with the generator) The gearbox increases the speed of the shaft and thus decreases the torque at the same rate as the speed, and therefore the high speed shaft with less torque), but the brakes can be found on the low speed shaft (the shaft connecting the rotor With the gearbox) in a few cases.

The mechanical brake is generally composed of a disc brakes on the shaft, and when the caliper is pressed on the disc, the shaft stops rotating.

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