In contrast to the motorbike, the active suspension technology of the WESLL quad initiates roll by applying a camber torque to all four wheels through center mass c.g. shift.

This method of changing trajectory increases vehicle control and safety especially at higher speeds where reaction times are shortened and control is paramount.Individual wheel instability moments have a negligible effect on the stable-trim-state of the 4-wheeled system.via: WESLL

The ability to initiate direction change through center mass c.g. shift provides the additional force necessary to effect precise control over the combined gyroscopic forces of the four-wheeled design.

The system’s ability to manage large suspension events at speed provides an exceptionally smooth ride resulting in reduced operator fatigue and improved awareness.via: WESLL

WESLL active long travel suspension technology provides the operator with new tools to tackle whatever obstacles he may be confronted with – On or Off-road: rain, snow, mud or side hills, the quad’s performance is without equal.

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