The Twin Trax seems to be a cross between a cruiser and something more sporty, so long that you could virtually lie flat.Featuring two 80 hp 1.35-liter Harley Davidson S&S; Evolution engines,and the ability for its rider to lay almost entirely flat.

Built by Christoph Madau in germanym the motorcycle has a wheelbase of 2060mm with an overall length of 2710mm and a height of 990mm. The front and rear wheels are Metzeler ME880 tires while the front pegs, mirrors, fenders and oil cooler are Twintrax aluminum.

Each of these motors TwinTrax Motorcycle produces 80 horsepower, so the motorcycle is able to generate total horsepower of 160. With very aggressive lines and methodical work on the chassis and the anchors, a wheelbase of 2 meters, the size of the body of the bike is about 2.71 meters long.

And the total weight amounts to 400 kilograms, which means that even heavy, this bike should go well.TwinTrax, it is a truly innovative motorcycle that has two systems integrated engine in the same chassis and installed on the same seat, you can transport only one person at a time.

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