Enjoy faster, more secure cornering, unmatched braking and plush, coaxial suspension—all with no compromise to the ride. Because it leans, a TRiO-equipped motorcycle handles just like the original 2-wheeler.As you slow to a stop, TiltLock holds the bike upright so you never have to put your feet down or support the weight of the bike.

As you get under way, it releases so you’re free to lean again. Scrape the floorboards all you want.Here’s a quick look at the incredible performance of Tilting Motor Works‘ 3-wheel leaning retrofit for Harley-Davidsons and Honda Gold Wings.

TRiO is narrower and lighter than a conventional rigid trike or Spyder and takes much less upper-body reach and strength to corner.

You’ll have no trouble keeping pace with your 2-wheeled friends, and your passenger won’t have to hang on for dear life.TRiO is available for most Harley-Davidson, Honda Gold Wing and Indian motorcycles.

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