Discover the story of a woman whose goal was to lose weight and who did it with her husband because they both changed their bad eating habits.

Even though I played sports in high school and played softball in college, my weight always fluctuated between 58 and 90 kilograms during the early part of my adult life. When my softball career ended, I continued to practice, but the fact that I was active was not enough to fight my bad eating habits. I loved eating chips, chicken fingers and pizza.

As a result of a huge weight gain, I wanted to stop this bad diet in order to regain a normal weight. In general, I kept a weight of 58 kg for about eight months, then I gained weight again because I could not control my eating habits. After our wedding, in 2011, my husband and I saw our weight increase significantly because we were a little too let go. That year, I reached 97 kilos.

When I went to see my doctor for a checkup, I was informed that my cholesterol was extremely high and that my BMI ranked me as obese. I knew that my weight was problematic because I did not feel attractive, my clothes were not appropriate and some members of my family told me they were concerned about my condition.

Besides that, my husband and I wanted to expand our family, but we were afraid that our weight would be an obstacle to the possibility that I could get pregnant. We concluded that it was time to change our lifestyle.

First, we scheduled a workout at the gym five to six days a week. We then disposed of all the unhealthy foods in our refrigerator and pantry. Most of these foods were potato chips and frozen foods. So we replaced all that with fresh foods.

We also did some research on Pinterest to learn about some healthy recipes. Plus, we rated all our meals with the Lose It! which allows you to count the number of calories that each dish contains. I was surprised or rather disgusted at how many calories I consumed daily. In fact, I had no idea what I swallowed, which is why my weight was yo-yo in every diet.

In addition to changing our eating habits, we reduced our dining out to spend quality time together cooking healthy meals for our health. Before I started losing weight for good, I knew almost nothing about cooking, so most of the dishes I prepared were bland. Since my husband and I were looking for creative recipes, I learned to concoct new dishes.

So I understood that eating healthy was not just about salad. Now we can cook cauliflower-flavored pizza and almond-flavored chicken fingers cooked in the oven instead of in the fry.

The fact that my husband supported me throughout my diet was particularly enjoyable. When one of us was discouraged, we reminded him that we were losing weight so that we could enjoy a longer, healthier life together. We did not have a specific weight loss goal. We just wanted to be in better overall health. In 2011, I managed to reach 58 kg, weight around which I stayed since.

After transforming our lives, my husband and I decided to open our own fitness center because we want to help people in our community who want to achieve the same goals as us. In fact, one of the reasons our center is successful is the fact that we can set an example for our clients.

To help you achieve your goals, Sarah advises you on these three points:

1-Ask someone to support you
Choose someone you know who can help you stay motivated on your days off with encouragement or meeting at the gym. As far as I’m concerned, my husband really helped me stay on track.

2- Do not do a short-term diet
You must keep in mind that you will change your life forever. Since I am a person whose weight was constantly yo-yo, I know how important it is to develop a healthy diet in the long term.

3- Enjoy the changes
Do not pay full attention to the amount of weight you lose. Rather, be aware of your progress. Focus on positive aspects such as getting down pants, being able to work longer, gaining energy and lifting heavier weights.

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