For a healthy body, it is important to pay attention to one’s diet by promoting the consumption of organic foods and avoiding processed foods. However, because of the modern lifestyle, the body is likely to accumulate more toxins and expose itself to the risks of disease and obesity. Discover how pineapple will help you detoxify your body and lose weight.

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that contains many health benefits, it is rich in minerals such as copper, manganese, phosphorus or calcium helps strengthen bones. It is also rich in vitamins such as vitamin C strengthens the immune system and prevents diseases like the common cold or flu, vitamin B1 plays a role in converting food into energy and emotional balance. This fruit also contains Lavitamine B6 which facilitates the assimilation of magnesium and regulates the sugar level in the blood. Pineapple also has a high fiber content that helps regulate intestinal transit and promote good digestion.

Many people are unaware of it, but pineapple possesses many therapeutic virtues. Unlike other fruits, pineapple is very rich in bromelain, a very beneficial enzyme for the body. Bromelain has many benefits, such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory action
  • Cancer prevention
  • Prevention of edemas
  • Promoting good healing after surgery
  • Stimulation of the immune system

In addition, researchers conducted a study at the University of Maryland Medical Center and found that regular consumption of bromelain would help reduce the pain caused by osteoarthritis. They also noted that this enzyme would have the same effect as some anti-inflammatory drugs like Motrin or Advil.

In addition, according to Dr. Luc Bodin, author of the book The miracles of bromelain, the latter has a very effective anti-tumor action. By conducting studies on mice, the researchers noted that bromelain help to destroy a protein called CD44 that is found in cancer cells and attaches to the vessel walls to stimulate the spread of the tumor.

Therefore, to enjoy the benefits of this enzyme, it is advisable to consume 160 mg, or between 250 to 500 ml of fresh pineapple. This drink is also effective for losing weight, find out how pineapple can help you burn more fat.

Pineapple to detoxify the body and lose weight

Pineapple to lose weight

Pineapple is a very effective slimming ally. It is rich in fiber that promotes good digestion and slow down the assimilation of food to provide a lasting sense of satiety that will avoid the urge to snack. It is also rich in vitamin C which also promotes weight loss. In fact, researchers at the University of Arizona conducted a study of 20 obese women in 2006 to discover the effect of a diet low in fat and rich in vitamin C.

They found that people on low vitamin C diets had the highest levels of fat because they boost metabolism. However, it is important to remember that for an effective and lasting weight loss, it is advisable to follow a healthy, balanced diet and to practice regular physical activity.

Pineapple to detoxify the body

Pineapple is a very effective diuretic that will help you get rid of toxins accumulated during the day through urination and sweating. Indeed, its richness in antioxidants helps protect healthy cells of the body from the effects of free radicals. These promote the accumulation of toxins and the onset of diseases. Do not hesitate to consume.

In addition, you can also mix pineapple with other fruits to stock up on vitamins and nutrients. Here is the recipe:


  • 200 ml pineapple juice
  • 100 ml orange juice
  • 1 ripe banana
  • A tablespoon of cinnamon


In a blender, slice the banana and add pineapple juice (or pineapple pieces), orange juice and cinnamon. It is important that the fruits are organic and fresh. Good tasting !

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