2017 was a year with enough climatic disasters since earthquakes, until hurricanes that have shaken different parts of the world. This year Mother Nature has given us a few scares.

However, thinking about future natural disasters, a group of designers has designed floating homes that can withstand category four hurricanes.

They are called Arkups, they are a kind of luxury yachts completely inhabitable and with all the comforts of a conventional home.

These water mansions are friendly to the environment, because they work with recycled water from the rain and solar energy collected from panels located on the roof.

Koen Olthuis is the architect behind this project, presented at the international boat show in Fort Lauderdale.

Each of these elegant homes can be customized to suit the buyer and will have a hydraulic anchoring system that allows it to stabilize during rains and storms; To prevent them from sinking, they have anchors 12 meters deep. with which a Category 4 hurricane will not be a problem.

If you want to make an Arkups, it is estimated that they will go on sale in mid-2018, and I recommend you save, because its estimated price ranges between 2 and 3 million dollars.

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