The XL BladeMate provides a safe and efficient solution to hauling wind turbine blades of any size or brand. Watch it extend to over 184 feet. All of the telescoping trailer beams, as well as the pullout bumper, use XL’s trusted extendable technology to create a hassle-free extension.

source/image(PrtSc): XLTrailers1
This versatile heavy-haul wind trailer can be adjusted to fit any size or brand of blade.It features a unique hydraulically operated self-steering system which increases safety and efficiency by automatically keeping the axles in line with the kingpin.

The XL Blademate trailer is rated at 90,000 pounds overall. A wireless remote controls the steering system and can be used to switch to over steering.24-inch rolling and non-rolling load bunks are positionable on any area of the beam to accommodate various blade models.

Self-steering system automatically rotates axles to keep them in alignment with the truck at all times. The kingpin rotates and prompts the axles to track with it.A 20-foot rear non-load-bearing bumper can be pulled into position by two men for fast set-up.The 53-foot long trailer extends to over 184′ using a telescoping beam system.

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