A research group at Cranfield University are developing the Nano Membrane Toilet , a reinvented toilet that treats human waste onsite without external energy or water.Here at Cranfield we are developing the Nano Membrane Toilet which will be able to treat human waste on-site without external energy or water.

The Cranfield Nanomembrane Toilet uses a series of gears, screws, and holding chambers to separate, clean, and store the waste.When the user is done and puts the seat down, the hinge of the seat turns a series of gear which opens the bottom of the bowl and squeezes it. Without using any water, the waste is flushed.

The Cranfield toilet is designed for single-household use (equivalent to 10 people) and will accept urine and faeces as a mixture. The Cranfield toilet is still under development; this is the vision of how it will work.

The Cranfield toilet flush uses a unique rotating mechanism to transport the mixture into the Cranfield toilet without using any water whilst simultaneously blocking odour and the user’s view of the waste.

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