Feeding yourself as healthy and as naturally as possible has never been more important than today. This is due to the progress that has transformed the food industry into a real massive industry which, unfortunately nowadays, clearly favors quantity to quality and can even go so far as to lie on the provenance of certain meats or the way in which breeding or slaughter are carried out. For all these reasons, as well as others, this industry has never been so central to the controversy.

Instead of selling healthy, nutritious chickens, some industrials fill them with all kinds of liquids and chemicals, in an attempt to get their poor quality meat out of prime meat. In these production processes, the companies do not feed the chickens to be healthy or tender and juicy, but to make the most profit, they make the chicken reach the weight. required more quickly.

A lie that represents a real danger to the health of consumers

Such a way of doing things not only makes consumers believe they are buying good quality chicken, but also puts their health at risk because such chicken contains astronomical amounts of sodium.

The worst part of all this is that these dubious chicken producers label their products as “100% natural”, a terminology that is not even regulated by law. As long as the substances that are injected into the chicken are considered natural, it is permitted to indicate that they are natural end products.

Thus, we are left with a huge paradox, since it is natural to call a chicken that has been injected with substances that are not in any case. This makes one believe the rarity of the product in question and its distinction from others.

Producers have come up with standards that are not at all taken seriously because we all know that chickens are treated with antibiotics, antidepressants, acetaminophen and caffeine, and that up to 20 % of chickens are infected with salmonellosis, campylobacteriosis and contain arsenic.

The cheating of chicken farmers does not stop there

In 2009, it was discovered that chicken weight was increased by injecting animal waste, such as bone or cartilage. This fraud was detected by the Food Standards Agency, using new medical tests because the injected substances were excessively transformed to undergo DNA testing. This type of fraud could be detected in several restaurants throughout England!

Other studies have also revealed that chicken treatment often involves the injection of protein from other animals. The practice of injecting chicken with water and protein is not illegal and is considered to be properly labeled. It is also not illegal to inject beef and pork protein as long as it is labeled “hydrolysed protein” on the product label. These proteins are added to the chicken to retain the maximum amount of water inside the chicken.

So, the real question to ask is: do consumers have to study biochemistry to read and know what they buy?

Many people consume chicken as a light and healthy food. Therefore, the only way to keep your health safe from danger is to consume organic chicken raised in the open air, it’s the only secret if you like chicken!

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