The FAST FOLD solar power systems by Renovagen can help address the need for self-sustaining essential power in the hours, days and weeks after a disaster. They are easy to transport in to remote sites and don’t need refuelling. This enables disaster response teams to operate the equipment they need to help save lives completely self-sufficiently.

The system consists of FAST FOLD Solar Mats which operate in conjunction with the FAST FOLD Energy Hub. The folding mats can be deployed in seconds – either directly on the ground, or lifted onto shipping containers, roofs or other structures.

They are moved in a transport bag, which can contain up to 2 x 1.5kWp mats.A solar mat is deployable by 2 people in less than a minute!The FAST FOLD Energy Hub is an entire off-grid hybrid power system packed into a robust Peli case, including up to 10kWh of energy storage (lithium-ion batteries) and up to 3kVA AC output.

The system can be run standalone with up to two 1.5kWp FAST FOLD solar mats (3kWp max), or it can be run in hybrid with a small diesel generator (2kVA to 5kVA), which automatic start-stop based on battery charge state (genset dependent). With this setup, you can guarantee power availability on a 24/7/365 basis.//FAST FOLD Indiegogo Campaign.

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