The Boring Company has just been selected by the city of Chicago to dig a tunnel connecting the city center to its international airport. Elon Musk took the opportunity to broadcast a first video showing a Tesla Model X circulating in the demonstration tunnel that the company has dug under the SpaceX HQ. The choice of this model owes nothing to chance …


Only eighteen months after its creation, The Boring Company, the company Elon Musk imagined a day when he was stuck in the traffic jams of Los Angeles (United States), has just won a first major success. The city of Chicago has in fact retained its tunnel project to connect the city center to O’Hare International Airport.

Travelers will travel 27 kilometers in a dozen minutes aboard electric shuttles running at 240 km / hour, compared to 45 minutes currently using the train. Elon Musk said tunnel drilling could begin within three months for commissioning in three years. Knowing the often optimistic statements of the boss of Tesla and SpaceX in terms of deadlines, many observers take his ad with caution.

Shuttles manufactured on the basis of a Model X chassis
In the wake of this news, The Boring Company has released a video showing a Tesla Model X rolling in the experimental tunnel that the company has dug out on the SpaceX site in California. And for good reason, we learn that electric shuttles will be manufactured by Tesla on the basis of a Model X chassis.The Boring Company will fully support the construction and operating costs of the Chicago Express Loop Tunnel and will pay for the sale of tickets and advertising. The shuttles will circulate twenty hours a day, 7 days a week, with one departure every 30 seconds.


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