A telescope connecting London and America
A giant project has been completed. Many people consider it a 21st century project
New York was connected to London via a tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean
Not a tunnel for cars or the passage of the train .. But at the end of the parties telescope with 6 lenses large .. Inside the tunnel very fast Internet line run by an Italian company This line is moving the picture to and from the two cities
So that the person standing in London is watching at the same moment standing in New York .. And vice versa the length of this tunnel 5560 km !!! Is located in London at Tower Bridge .. In New York at Brooklyn Bridgewallan friends in the two cities can communicate between them through the signals only .. Where the image is transferred without a voice .. They call it
Silent communication
These are several pictures of the end of the tunnel in London .. near Tower Bridge.

A shot from London … and in the telescope lens a snapshot of New York at the same moment

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