Watch artisans in Mexico expertly fashion a multi-colored glass pitcher by hand. Glass blowing is truly mesmerizing to watch – the hot glass is like treacle – one false move and you have to start over.via: NOVICA

Though the tools are relatively basic — some molten glass and a long hollow pipe — the skills and artistry required to produce one-of-a-kind pieces like the pitcher above are anything but.

Blowing through a long hollow pipe to which they’ve attached a lump of molten glass, artisans must shape the molten glass into the desired form and color, constantly turning, before it cools down — below 2,400 degrees Farenheit!

Blown glass reveals bright confetti in its crystalline curves. Recycling glass, Javier and Efren create a pitcher in fiesta colors. Crafted by hand using glass-blowing techniques perfected over more than thirty years, it is a unique example of their art.

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