People have dark and dark perceptions of how they can spend their time in a disaster shelter or the end of the world, but this may not be appropriate for the rich who will turn to the world’s newest technical hideout.

Welcome to Survival Condo, a former silo that has been transformed into a luxury residential complex that offers the world’s richand powerful the ultimate life insurance, a world-end hideout that promises the perfect blend of shelter, elegance and technology.

Prevention of nuclear winter

Servifal Kondo has a lot of well-known shelter equipment. It is underground at a depth of about 61 meters, in the middle of a countryside about 322 kilometers from Kansas City. It was built during the Cold War (as a nuclear missile launch facility). It has also been modified with 2.7-metre-thick concrete walls designed to withstand everything from hurricanes to nuclear warheads weighing 12 kilotons (1,000 tons) and falling 800 metres from the shelter.

Nuclear winter is the global nightmare that people fear to face, as ice age-like temperatures continue for years, and the population and life perish as seen in science fiction films, which encouraged the construction of this shelter.

“If you go a mile or so, the pressure wave is so intense that it will blow up concrete buildings, and somewhere in that area there’s an explosion of radiation,” says Brian Toon, professor of atmospheric and ocean sciences at the University of Colorado on the global effects of nuclear war if a 100-kiloton nuclear weapon falls. Half of the people at risk die over a week or two from radiation burns on their skin and radiation poisoning.”

A nuclear explosion is like “bringing a piece of the sun to earth,” and that kind of explosion causes huge fires, pushing huge amounts of smoke to the top of the stratosphere, Toon says. Because it never rains in the stratosphere, sunlight cannot reach the Earth, resulting in a nuclear winter.

For the rich only.

That’s exactly why Servival Kondo exists to protect against the destruction of world nuclear war, but not for anyone, you and your family can’t hide in one of these units and follow the end of the world without initially paying $1 million, plus $2,500 a month to cover your living expenses of electricity, water, internet and all the canned food you might dream of, to make sure that the world’s most powerful and richest people can live comfortably, instead of shivering in the arid lands, waiting for their inevitable fate.

From the outside the building does not look beautifully designed. A guard behind a barbed wire fence and wind turbines quietly spins in the breeze, carefully crafted surveillance cameras, and two 8-ton doors in a huge dome inside of one of the most luxurious residential complexes you might find.

The building consists of 15 floors and a depth of 61 meters underground. At the top level, there is a spacious dome with the main entrance and communal entertainment facilities. This is where you’ll find the petting zoo, climbing wall and swimming pool (complete with water slide).


Under the dome, the cylindrical silo has another 14 floors, the first three floors are where you will find mechanical rooms, medical facilities and a food store (complete with full hydroponics and aquaculture preparation), followed by 7 levels of apartments. Below, the last four floors include a classroom, a library, a cinema, a café and an exercise room (with a sauna).

Servifal Kondo consists of 15 floors and 61 meters underground (social media)

Apocalya technology

Next to the main entrance room (which acts as a protected parking lot if residents need to unload their vehicle during closure) there is a radiation disinfection room, the chemicals here can take care of everything, iodine pills for your radiation treatment, jaeger radiation detectors, and special chemicals to extract both biological and radioactive contaminants from you.

“If there is a riot or a shortage of food, that’s normal,” says Larry Hall, owner of Servaifal Kondo, referring to the kind of emergency that may occur at the end of the world. “But what if there is radiation due to a dirty bomb? You have to go to this room.””

Special techniques in the rooms can also clean volcanic ash from the air in case a volcano erupts and causes the end of the world.

On the last floors there is a cinema, gym and sauna room. There is a school equipped with modern computers and the Internet.

The buyer provides a unit at the shelter with a list of his interests and hobbies from carpentry and knitting to programming and building robots, and Hall and his team feed this information to computers that download and store information and websites for each resident.

“In the event of a disaster where the Internet is down, we’ll download a lot of medical information, survival information and hobbies for our residents so they can use their search engine,” Hall says.

The last floors consist of a swimming pool, gym, cinema, school and library (social media)

Protecting and comforting the population is the task.

After touring the shared facilities, you can take a look inside the apartments themselves. They are not small rooms but units in a new apartment complex in San Francisco or Manhattan. The kitchens are full of stainless steel appliances, a refrigerator and a cooker. There are new sofas, coffee tables and untouched beds.

Lifestyles of the frightened rich

“All of our people are self-worth of millionaires,” Hall says, “they are very successful, doctors, engineers, lawyers and international businessmen.” Almost all of them have children. They are concerned about the disaster scenario.”

Hall notes that the list of potential concerns includes many things, including a sandstorm, tsunami, Pacific earthquakes, hurricanes in Texas, possibly global climate change, food shortages, riots as a result of economic collapse, the impact of a meteor shower and many more.

“If these are the things that bother you, that’s the kind of facility you need so you don’t have to worry,” he says.

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