Steps for the implementation of the dome of reinforced concrete

 1 – A circular scaffold is made around the dome to stand the casting workers
This scaffold is done every two meters and text repeated vertically
The casting is made from top to bottom and the form factor is the main factor in the work that adjusts the thickness of the concrete and settles it with the bronch used in the conch.
The concrete shall be semi-dry, ie, the slump shall not exceed 3 or 4 cm until the concrete lays during the individual.

2 – Casting on stations or parts strip on the perimeter of the dome
In the high work of the fine execution, the work of a curved arc of iron Bacon is a touch of concrete moving on the X-top at the top of the dome and moving down a circle of iron arc around the perimeter of the dome from bottom to adjust the thickness and surface of the dome during casting
Of course, another method of casting works external hardness in the same shape dome except for the last meter and pour between internal and external intensity and after the dismantling of the dome we do another work meter Manual

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