DIY Solar Thermal PEX COIL Water Heater! PEX Solar Water Heater! Easy DIY! No Soldering, Clamps, Crimp Rings, Glues, Unions, or that expensive crimping tool! in my design it’s just 2 push-to-fit “shark-bite” connectors! (located outside of collector) and because it’s all one piece of tube, the unit has no potential internal leak points.

PEX is sturdy, tough and rigid. water temp rating range… 33F to 185F-200F (93°C) water! And if temps hit or fall below 32F (0°C) it’s freeze damage resistant! it’ll freeze but doesn’t break. the connectors are made to last at least 25 years and pipe is rated 50+ years!via: desertsun02

Note that PEX, if left “uncoated” can be damaged by the UV rays of the sun *but painting and/or primer coating it blocks all of those (making it sun-safe) and a great choice for DIY solar applications! a very detailed list of the parts i used is shown near the end of the video (last 40 seconds or so).

Lastly, with research, you’ll notice that ‘all’ non-metal pipe manufacturers will say that they recommend metal pipe over non-metal for solar units but, in my opinion, that’s just because they want to cover themselves – say for example if it was used in a large “highly insulated” commercial installation (with mirrors, metal backing, reflectors etc.).//desertsun02

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