The Smart Hydro Power turbine by Smart-Hydro was developed to produce a maximum amount of electrical power with the kinetic energy of flowing waters. Because it is powered by kinetic energy instead of potential energy, it is known as a so-called “zero-head” or “in-stream” turbine.

As such, no dams and/or head differential are necessary for the operation of this device; the course of a river remains in its natural state and no high investments in infrastructure are required. Because the amount of kinetic energy (velocity) varies from river to river, a greater amount of energy is generated with a higher velocity of water flow.via: Smart-Hydro

Our unique and proprietary river turbines are built up in modules and can be integrated together with photovoltaics into a hybrid system.Although qualifying as “green”, these products are positioned as the best alternative for decentralized electrification along rivers.

These turbines can be installed on the bed of the river or canal. Especially suitable for installation in canals or behind traditional hydro power plants.These renewable energy systems range up to 250 – 5000 W output electricity.Smart-Hydro

The turbine consists of a three bladed rotor, a generator, the floating body consisting of a three piece diffusor and two floats.In order to be operational a river or canal with 2 m depth, 3 m width and min 1.2 m/s velocity is needed. The System does not require technical operations or maintenance but only regular cleaning.Smart-Hydro

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