Slide To Safety Patented Rapid Evacuation System can and will save people in many different types of applications on a wide variety of buildings, from dangerous situations such as active shootings, fires and other disasters.

Slide To Safety Patented Rapid Evacuation System were created for the specific purpose of allowing building occupants to quickly evacuate from the second through fourth floors when an active shooting situation occurs.

The slide can also be used for evacuation in fires or other disaster scenarios where traditional egress is blocked. The slide is fully deployed in under six seconds from initiation and can clear a room of 30 occupants in about a minute.

“Non-electrical- STS has created our system with all types of evacuation needs in mind. One of our main concerns is the loss of power when faced with the need to rapidly evacuate from any type of perilous situation. We have made that potential concern a thing of the past.”//slidetosafety

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