In July 1947, the US military and Army insight recuperated something that smashed at Roswell, New Mexico. The underlying report was it was a smashed flying saucer and the bodies that were recuperated were outsider. The military immediately changed this story to it being a climate inflatable, thus started the secret of what truly occurred at Roswell, and the most renowned UFO occurrence in American history. The creator of “Territory 51” hypothesizes that it was what was truly recouped at Roswell that prompted the formation of Area 51, in 1951. Something so staggering that a whole mystery region must be set up for it to be contemplated. Instantly after the crash, the recuperated material and bodies were sent to Wright Field (later called Wright-Patterson Air Force Base) in Ohio. The Atomic Energy Commission, under the course of Vannevar Bush, at that point assumed control, made Area 51 and moved everything to Area 51, in Nevada. As indicated by the creator, what the US truly recuperated at Roswell was not a rocket with outsiders from space, but rather a Soviet flying machine with obscure and baffling flying abilities. The US knew the smashed flying machine was of Soviet, and not other-common, outline since Russian dialect lettering had been found on the slammed remains. The air ship had abilities nobody in Area 51, or any other individual, had ever observed. The air ship could both drift and fly. No US innovation at the time could do a wonder such as this. Vannevar Bush requested six chose engineers, working in complete mystery, to figure out it and make sense of how it functioned. The venture would be so mystery, it would stay dark always, it could never be known outside a minor modest bunch of individuals, for example, Bush. The operation would have no name, it would essentially pass by a letter-number assignment,
S-4 or Sigma-Four. In any case, there was more… … ..The architects likewise needed to figure out the bodies recuperated from the crash scene. Not outsider bodies, human bodies. Yet, human bodies like none at any point seen – transformed, surgically adjusted youngsters. Two of the tyke measure pilots were still “alive”, however not cognizant, in an out cold state. They were kept alive in life-bolster chambers at Area 51, so they could be examined. They were small notwithstanding for youngsters, and had huge heads contrasted with whatever is left of their bodies. They were evaluated to be thirteen years of age, and furthermore had curiously large eyes. The designers who might probe these pilots were let it know was conceivable Nazi specialist Joseph Mengele had worked on them (in return for a guarantee by Stalin to get his own particular lab in Russia, a guarantee Stalin did not keep) before he got away Europe for South America. In any case, why might the Soviet Union send their bleeding edge innovation air ship, with their organically/surgically altered outsider looking little human youngsters, to the US? The creator expresses the specialists were told Stalin trusted the art would arrive, and the kids outsiders would develop and send the US into a frenzy far more awful than had happened just 10 years before, with the fake outsider assault amid the radio communicated of “War of the Worlds”. Stalin trusted the US masses would freeze at seeing “genuine outsiders”. Of all the odd, unusual, and puzzling exercises we are aware of, this, assuming genuine, would need to qualify as the weirdest and generally strange. Did it happen? You be the judge.

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