Although the “elixir of life” was associated with myths and dreams of immortality and eternal youth, the world of Russia’s biology opened a door to renewed energy for youth and health!

Anatoly Brochkov, head of the Department of Geology at Moscow University, a specialist in the study of frozen life, addressed this “dilemma” in a purely scientific way, and experimented with what can be described as the breaking of life.

This Russian scientist injected himself with bacteria found buried under Siberian ice, estimated at three million five hundred thousand years!

That move seemed to many experts a real hope of walking the path of eternal life, especially since the method followed this time is very convincing and based on a solid scientific basis

The bacteria found in Siberia, called “immature cells,” have lived and are still millions of years old in eternal ice.

The Russian scientist says that “genes” in this type of bacteria help them to immortality, and keep them from damage, so life is renewed.

The Russian expert expressed confidence that this mechanism is able to work in the human body by the introduction of these cells to the body, which is to strengthen the immunity and increased activity.

Bruschkov, who tried this method on his own, confirms that he has noticed a marked improvement in his health after he hosted in his body these bacteria coming from Siberia, and from a long time is millions of years.

The Russian scientist explains that these bacteria are not frozen, but surrounded by ice, they do not grow, but at the same time remain alive thanks to an unknown mechanism of protection.

In the interpretation of this scientific puzzle, he said that the process of melting on the surface contribute to the arrival of these bacterial cells to the surrounding environment, and it certainly reaches the local population in Siberia.

The Russian Republic of Yakutia, which is located in Siberia, is characterized as a longevity center. This type of bacteria enters the body of the population automatically and prepares them to live longer.

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