Check out this awesome New Luxury Fifth Wheel! It’s Ray here again with another all about RV’s video and we are taking a look at the new 2020 Forestriver Riverstone 37FLTH fifth wheel Toy Hauler.

This is the newest version as of 2/24/2020. The Forestriver Riverstone is Forestrivers Highest Line of Luxury Fifth wheels. The Riverstone high-end camper is built for the people who are looking to full-time RV and travel the country.

This extended stay RV is a front living room 5th wheel with a smaller toy hauler garage area too.

Riverstone has one of the best-built RV body constructions in the RV industry.Be sure to watch their construction video and then compare it to the other brands you’re looking at. Very few RV’s have a body built to this quality level.

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