Disregard weaving and sewing clothes. Another material could be sprayed straightforwardly onto your body and have you prepared to go out in minutes.

Molecule build Paul Luckham and mold designer Manel Torres from Imperial College London consolidated cotton filaments, polymers and a dissolvable to shape a fluid that turns into a fabric when sprayed. The material can be developed in layers to make a piece of clothing of your coveted thickness and can likewise be washed and worn again like traditional fabrics.

Notwithstanding making moment design, the innovation could have a scope of different uses – shower on gauzes, for example. “It’s a sterilized material originating from a pressurized canned product, and you can add medications to it to enable an injury to mend quicker,” says Torres.

On Monday, a design appear at Imperial will include the principal couture accumulation made with the material.

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