This ‘Tek’ robot allows paraplegic patients to stand, sit and navigate a once-inaccessible world. (Follow Tech That Matters for more.)

This is the Tek RMD, a state-of-the-art robotic mobilization device from Matia Robotics. Not considered a wheelchair alternative, Tek RMD is a life-changing mobility platform that enables those with paraplegia/walking disabilities to safely sit, stand, and navigate surroundings that were once inaccessible – all on their own.

Tek RMD is easy to operate and offers secure boarding onto the device from its back. Designed for easy mounting and dismounting while in a seated position, the Tek RMD is especially safe due to this feature. Its innovative suspension system contains a gas spring mechanism that balances the weight of the user. Therefore, standing up requires just a gentle pull.

Equipped with a joystick and remote control, Tek RMD enables freedom from the device as well. So, the users can sit on the couch, sit at their desk, or lay in bed, and send away the device and make it return via remote control.


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