I started by cutting a bunch of 20 x 20 mm larch blocks of random lengths. I had some extra slats left from some previous project which were perfect for this purpose. Next step was to glue them all up into layers starting from the smallest to the largest. there was no real rule I followed, mostly random lengths slightly bigger each layer.//lignum

I glued them together on a flat leftover beam piece, this Way I could use all the beam sides so not much space was needed. I applied a wax coat to the beam before gluing to prevent sticking to the beam itself. After glue was set, All the layers were sanded to remove extra glue and then glued together into two halves.

It was much simpler this way than to glue them all together at once. Two halves were then glued into single piece. The piece was then put onto lathe and turned to desired shape.

I used progressively finer sandpaper to achieve smooth surface. I removed excess glue with a chisel and a bit of rough sandpaper and the bowl was ready for varnish. I used water based colorless satin varnish.//lignum

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