Linux is a multi functional chassis that can be equipped from 2 to 6 seats for different environments solutions. As a result of the merging of the designs in these two categories, a concept that can go on land, sea and in the air emerges. One of them is Linux, which is an alternative to water, land and sky mobility designed by Jet Capsule.

Jet Capsule founder Pierpaolo Lazzarini unveiled the sustainable capsule concept after partnership with Dubai-based company Architaly . Linux can be customized or adapted to your mobility needs.Linux all wheel drive basement can be equiped with single or twin electric Siemens engines with power ranges from 100 hp to 200hp with 150 km or 300 km autonomy respectively.

The body is Linux is 4 meters long and 1.90 meters wide. Thanks to its electric motors, it can drive up to 30 knots in the sea and can perform autonomous driving for 4 to 8 hours.

Compatible with outboard engines, Linux offers a choice of 4 people in sea voyage or 6 depending on the status of the engines.It is possible to experience the flight thanks to Linux’s light carbon chassis and eight Siemens engines that can be replaced by tires. However, in order to limit the weight in the flight experience, the passenger capacity is reduced to a maximum of 2 people.

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