Hello, in this video I’ll show you step by step how to build a innovative coffee maker.I am Italian and I immensely love the good taste of espresso coffee. Today it is a recycle of an old motorcycle and a gun to build in a coffee machine,it works thanks to the pressure of a lever the boiling water passes through the coffee powder.

You can push more times the coffe or the water to get a soft or strong taste,hope you enjoy the video!

For those not familiar with espresso machines, they work by forcing pressurized, almost boiling water through ground coffee. He therefore puts the water in the piston cylinder, and levers the piston down onto it, forcing the water out the bottom of the cylinder and through the waiting coffee grounds.

Parts from the IKEA lamp form a base for the waiting cup to sit on.Of course, he takes great care to clean out any burnt oil and gas before starting. We also like how he centers a lever arm on a U-shaped bolt using two springs. Clever.

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