Overweight is not always the result of weight gain due to poor diet or lack of physical activity. This can also be caused by other problems, related to digestion and diet, including bloating. Discover in this article the foods you should avoid or consume in a moderate way to have a flat stomach.

Some people can not get rid of their belly, even having a very healthy lifestyle, adopting a healthy diet and regular sports practice. We all know that the belly is one of the most resistant areas, only sometimes it’s not fat, but rather bloating or water retention that makes us think we’ve gained weight !

Here are the foods to consume with care or avoid to have a flat stomach:

Dairy products :

To have a flat stomach, some dairy products should be avoided because they can promote bloating. These include milk, white fat cheeses or cottage cheese.

In some people, especially adults, the digestion of dairy products can be difficult. Indeed, they often have a lactase level (enzyme necessary to digest lactose, natural sugar present in dairy products) quite low. As a result, lactose ferments in the colon and causes gas causing bloating.


It is therefore best to avoid the consumption of certain dairy products to avoid having an inflated belly. But if you’re really fond of it, opt for cooked cheeses, as well as yogurts that are rich in probiotics that are very beneficial for digestion.

Processed products, sugar, coffee and alcohol:

Poor diet is among the leading causes of bloating that is responsible for swelling of the belly.

Consuming processed foods high in bad fats, salt and sugar, sugary foods and coffee or alcohol excessively can cause irritation of the digestive system and produce gas causing bloating. If your goal is to have a flat stomach, you must eliminate these products from your diet and try to reduce your coffee consumption.

Salt :

The swollen belly can also be caused by water retention. As the name suggests, this problem is an excessive storage of water in the body. The latter accumulates more water than it needs. Why ? The causes of water retention are many, but the main factor remains the high salt intake.

Indeed, salt or sodium, more particularly, accumulates in the tissues and promotes the retention of water in the latter. We then find ourselves with swelling that can appear on different parts of the body, such as the belly.

It is therefore important to reduce daily salt consumption. Replace large amounts of salt with other spices to raise your dishes and avoid consuming processed products and sausages that contain significant amounts.

The hot pepper:

Hot peppers promote the release of acids in the stomach, which in turn can cause irritation of this organ. This usually causes inflammation accompanied by a feeling of heaviness and troublesome digestive disorders such as bloating.

Carbohydrates :

Carbohydrates are the fuel of the body and are therefore necessary to have a good dose of energy. However, as important as they may be, some types of carbohydrates can do more harm than good!

These include simple carbohydrates that can cause increased blood sugar and promote the accumulation of fat and swollen belly.

That’s why it’s important to choose the right carbohydrates and not ban them from your diet, to have a flat stomach. Complex carbohydrates are the ones to favor. Opt for whole pasta rather than white pasta, complete flour instead of refined pasta, whole rice …

The fruits :

Although they are essential to the body, fruits can be responsible for bloating causing swollen belly. Indeed, these are rich in fructose, a natural sugar that can cause various digestive disorders, including bloating, if consumed excessively.

This is not a call to stop the consumption of fruits, but rather to eat moderately (one to two portions per day). It is also better to consume fresh fruit rather than fruit juice.

Also note that some fruits can be real slimming allies, because they boost metabolism and promote fat burning.. This is particularly the case of lemon!

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