Cuvette of the tank:
Assuming the worst case, it is when the reservoir leaks
The rectangular (or square) shape of the retention basin must Whole liquid, that is: Vc = V
Tank volume:

With: D: tank diameter = 7 m

H: maximum height of the liquid in the tank = 8,075 m
Cuvette volume:



L: width of the bowl

A: length of the bowl

H: height of the cuvette.

Fixing the width L = 15m; A = 14, We deduce that: h = 1.48m

We take h = 1.5m as a value.

 Pump bowl:
Based on the standard at the pumps installation level, a spacing Of 1m between the massifs of two pumps is recommended, as well as 1m with respect to the Cuvette, Indeed we chose a length of a = 6m.

We have fixed the width of the cuvette in L = 12m, as well as the height h = 0,5m, due to To ensure good accessibility for maintenance agents.

The figure below illustrates the dimensions of the two cuvettes:

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