Generally, toothaches occur when the root of the tooth is irritated. The most common causes are cavities, abscesses and tooth loss. Pain can also occur after tooth extraction. Here are some tips for relieving your toothache naturally.

A natural remedy against abscesses and dental infections:

Infections and toothache are never pleasant, but it is possible to relieve them with natural products. If the pain is due to an abscess or other infections, apply this natural product remedy:

For this remedy, you will use 3 products in 3 steps: the wild oregano oil topically and internally, colloidal silver by local and internal route, and for rinsing, warm salt water for the final rinse .

– Step 1

Put several drops of wild oregano oil under the tongue. Leave on for a few minutes, then rinse the mouth with colloidal silver. Do this action once every hour.

– 2nd step

Gargle your mouth with colloidal silver, swallow a small amount and spit out the rest. You can use up to 250 ml a day. Then gently rub the painful area with colloidal silver. After a few minutes, rub oregano oil on the affected area.

– Step 3

Rinse your mouth with warm salt water (sea salt) and massage the gums with oregano oil.

Other natural remedies for curing and relieving toothache:

– Ginger root

Take a piece of fresh ginger, place it in your mouth over the infected tooth. The pain should decrease after a few minutes. Keep the remaining ginger in the refrigerator so you can reuse it to relieve your toothache.

– Essential oil of clove

You can relieve toothache with clove essential oil. The aromatic compound of clove, eugenol, kills bacteria and relieves dental pain. Simply dip a cotton ball in this essential oil and apply it around the infected tooth. Repeat as necessary.

– Black cumin oil

Take a teaspoon of black cumin oil (cultivated nigella) and ½ teaspoon of vinegar. Heat both ingredients over low heat, then allow to cool. Use this mixture to rinse the mouth to reduce inflammation and infection. To be renewed every two hours until the pain disappears.

– Cold compresses

You can use cold compresses to relieve toothache. At the slightest tooth pain, take a cold compress and place it on the outside of the mouth. This will temporarily relieve the pain, especially if it prevents you from sleeping.

Note: If your toothache only worsens or lasts more than a few days, consult your dentist immediately.

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