Homemade Large Area Evap Air Cooler! Easy DIY This “Cube Style Cooler” is a compact unit with Big Power! (it’s base is only 18″ square!) it’s made with a 12V 80W 2000 CFM car radiator fan and a 20W 12V water pump. all 4 sides of the cube are fitted with the evap pads for maximum cooling using minimal space.

Radiator fan is centered at the top so it pulls the air thru the 4 pads equally. the units’ water reservoir (plastic tub) holds a full 14 gallons (roughly 18″x18″x10″) which allows this thing to run 8 to 10 hours between fill ups.//desertsun02

This unit moves a LOT of air. and one 100 watt solar panel runs the whole thing! *or just use a 12v battery or AC/DC transformer. the solar (or battery option) makes it great to have in a pinch or any off-grid situation (planned or unplanned) from camping or tailgating to a power outage and everything in between – or just everyday use.

Effectively cools 500 to 1000 sq. ft. or more (depending on air temp and humidity levels). similar portable units cost anywhere from 300-900 dollars. mine cost $70. the approx. cost for items. $14 for fan, $10 for pump, $10 for evap. pad, $10 for pvc, $10 for ducting and a few misc. items. super easy to make. full instructions in the video./desertsun02

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