Homemade Atmospheric Water Generator. Unit pulls Pure ‘distilled water’ straight out of the air! works best in hot humid conditions. This simple design pumps near freezing water thru a long section of copper coil.”// desertsun02

Coil becomes very cold and dew (condensate) forms on the coil. the dew is then caught by a drip-pan located beneath the coil. Note that this unit has the added benefit of dehumidifying the air.Watch the video by desertsun02 :

An AWG is essentially just a “Food Safe” dehumidifier. My previous video shows this unit being operated primarily as a dehumidifier.The difference being that that design has plastic parts that come in contact with the water.

To keep the water as ‘pure’ as possible, i used only aluminum and copper in this version. main thing with these is to keep the coils clean. if coils are cleaned after each use, the water generated is ‘distilled water’.

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