Here’s what happens when you throw the eggshells into your garden


When you make an omelette or birthday cake, do not throw the eggshells in the trash! Indeed, they are very profitable for … your garden!

Here’s why you need to put eggshells in your garden:

Fertilize the soil
You can use eggshells in your garden as compost to stimulate nutrients in the soil to fertilize and prevent decay. In addition, they form an organic fertilizer and are very rich in calcium, which is beneficial for the soil.

The soil easily absorbs the minerals found in the eggshells, they do not need to be crushed when they are planted because they break down easily. Just throw the eggshells in the garden or pots and return the earth.

Hunting deer
If you live near a forest or a region often visited by deer, you can control the unexpected visits of these animals as majestic as they are annoying. Throw eggshells around the area to be protected. They hate the smell of eggs.

This solution keeps them at bay, but can also attract the attention of rodents who love eggs!

Feed the birds
Before and after laying, birds are in great need of calcium. You can put finely ground egg shells in the ground when spring and summer arrive. The shells must be sterilized beforehand through a passage in boiling water. All birds in the neighborhood will be grateful for your effort.

Bring “starter” fertilizer
Instead of simply fertilizing the soil, consider using eggshells when planting seeds to give them a starter fertilizer. Here are two possible methods:

1. Crush the egg shells and place them at the bottom of the hole where you plan to put the plant. The shells will decompose quickly in the soil and provide calcium to your plant.

2. Try to make a small hole on the shell to remove the egg when preparing a meal. In this way, the shells will be in the form of small pots for your new seeds. After cleaning the shells with warm water, put the seeds. Once the roots become thicker than your “little pots”, place them in the soil of your garden.

Deterring pests
If snails or slugs enter your garden, the sharp angles of the shells will tend to frighten them. Arrange the shells in large pieces. This method is a good alternative to chemical pesticides.

Improve the appearance of the soil

Egg shells can also beautify your garden, creating contrast. If your family consumes a large amount of eggs, this will allow you to make a collection of shells to crush and scatter in your garden.

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