Here are the cases where you can use the dates instead of a medicine


Dates are the most complete and healthy fruits for your health. It is an energy bomb and a concentrate of vitamins and fibers that contribute to the proper functioning of your digestive system. It is also a fruit well known for its appetite suppressant effect often consumed during diets. It is the sportsman’s friend because of its richness in nutrients and it is also the enemy of cholesterol. The list of its benefits is long and non-exhaustive, so here are the main virtues of dates and their effects on everyday common ailments.

Dates are rich in glucose, fructose and sucrose, as well as vitamins B2, B3, B5 and B6, potassium and calcium. All for an energy value of 287 Kcal per 100 g. This little fruit is an energy bomb alone and has various benefits.

Dates help treat diarrhea
Dates contribute to the proper functioning of the intestinal flora and promote the development of good bacteria in the intestines. They are also very rich in iron and calcium that are good for treating diarrhea. Be sure to consume frequently if you suffer.

Fight against constipation
Dates are excellent for the digestive system. In the same way, they also promote the natural elimination of toxins from the body thanks to their high fiber content. If you are subject to occasional constipation, dates will become your best allies. All you have to do is leave a few dates in a glass of water for one night and drink this water, which will act as a powerful laxative.

Iron still iron
Anemics should not worry anymore because dates are the ideal solution for them because of their inexhaustible source of iron. Iron is essential to the human body because its role is to carry oxygen in the blood. Anemic people must consume dates regularly to ensure good iron intake and reduce the intake of drugs and dietary supplements.

Dates, good for the eyes
The eyes love it, because of their contribution in lutein and zeaxanthin, pigments excellent for the retina and for the improvement of the sight. As we get older, our eyes no longer have the same functions as when we are twenty, the dates are there to prevent the loss of vision.

Facilitate childbirth
Scientific studies have shown that when a pregnant woman consumes dates regularly a few weeks before the delivery date, the latter is easier than if she did not eat. The sugars contained in this fruit (between 60 and 65%) allow the woman to have more energy and vitality because her body will have lost its energy with blood loss after childbirth. Also, dates allow young moms to stimulate the hormones responsible for milk production.

Excellent for the brain!
Phosphorus is the anti-fatigue remedy par excellence. It is also good for memory and the nervous system. Our brain needs it every day to fully perform its functions. Highly concentrated in phosphorus, dates are excellent for the entire brain system.

Good for libido …
Dates are a powerful aphrodisiac, effective to increase the libido of men and women. Just dip a few dates in goat’s milk and let stand overnight. You can consume the drink the next day by adding honey. You will find the sexual energy of your twenty years!

Rebalance your weight
Dates have an extraordinary appetite suppressing effect because they are rich in chromium. It is the latter that limits the need for sugar and therefore reduces cravings for snacking.

Good for the body and the heart!
Cardiac people should rejoice: consuming dates daily would greatly reduce the risk of heart attacks. Dates are antioxidant, so they help reduce the amount of fat deposited in your arteries by 28% according to researchers at Israel Institute of Technology.

Reduce hypertension
Researchers at the World Health Organization have researched dates and found that daily consumption of dates will reduce blood pressure levels in people with high blood pressure. This is due to their high intake of potassium and magnesium, which dilate the blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.

Prevent stroke
According to scientific studies, consuming dates would reduce the risk of stroke by almost 30%. The potassium in this fruit prevents the oxidation of fat in the blood. This oxidation is responsible for blocking the flow of blood to the heart or brain. Consume dates daily

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