Haberdashery studio is obsessed with creating emotional connections with their audience through the language of light; we have recently turned our attention to working at a city skyline scale to achieve this.As our cities grow ever taller, so parts of the ground level below become starved of light just like a forest floor.

Helio Ray redirects sunlight from above the skyline and brings it back down the side of buildings to create a dialogue between the citizens below with our nearest star during daylight hours.

Helio Ray · Sculpture by Haberdashery from haberdashery on Vimeo.
Sunlight has a huge effect on our physiology and wellbeing; it influences our circadian rhythms, provides vitamin D and illuminates our environment bringing out the true colour of the surfaces, architecture and the urban grain.

“Our ambition was to create a focal point using sunlight in order to reinvigorate areas that had become disenfranchised from the life-affirming effects of the sunshine from way above.”//haberdashery

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