Free download: Problems and Solutions in Mechanical Engineering by U.K. singh, Manish dwivedi


Book Title : Problems and Solutions in Mechanical Engineering
Author(s)  : U.K. singh, Manish dwivedi
Publisher   : New age internatonal
Edition      : First
Pages        : 523
PDF Size  : 5 Mb

Book Description:
Problems and Solutions to Mechanical Engineering by.U K Singh, Manish Dwivedi book is in the form of Questions and Answers, this book is useful for mechanical engineering students. However, there is no need of any textbook from the concept point of view. This book gives you all the concepts step by step in the form of Theoretical Questions and then numericals based on theory. At the end of every chapters there are tutorial sheets are given for practice. Lab manuals are also given at the end of book.

Table of Contents:

  • Part A- Thermodynamics
  • Part B- Engineering Mechanics
  • Part C- Strength of Materials.

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