Free download: Mechanical Engineering Systems by Richard Gentle, Peter Edwards, Bill Bolton


Book Title : Mechanical Engineering Systems
Author(s)  : Richard Gentle, Peter Edwards, Bill Bolton
Publisher   : Butterworth-Heinemann
Edition    : First published
Pages       : 320
PDF Size   : 5 Mb

Book Description:
The authors Richard Gentle, Peter Edwards, Bill Bolton of Mechanical Engineering Systems book have taken a highly practical approach in this book, bringing the mechanical engineering subject to life through a lively book supported by large activities and case studies. Basics of mathematics is assumed and so key numerical and statistical techniques are introduced unique Maths in Action features.
Mechanical Engineering Systems book is one of the first three titles in a series of core texts designed to cover the  essential modules of a broad cross-section of undergraduate in engineering.

Table of contents:
1. Introduction the basis of engineering
2. Thermodynamics
3. Fluid Mechanics
4. Dynamics
5. Statics
Solution to problems

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