More than one of us has imagined how amazing it would be to have a personal flying machine … and it will probably soon come true!

BIT is an electric helicopter with an innovative design for a single person, created by the Japanese company Hirobo.

This small helicopter is composed of a powerful electric motor that allows you to travel at a maximum speed of 100 km / h without producing any kind of noise.

The first sample of this helicopter was presented a year ago at the Japan Aerospace Show, with a deadline of 2020, but due to the fact that the project has advanced considerably, it is planned to have it ready for 2016.

According to the data that has so far, Takahiro Koboyashi, Hirobo sales manager, ensures that the price of each unit would be around 240,000 dollars.

The helicopter is driven by joysticks, has 2 rotors that rotate in the opposite direction and is controlled with a joystick.

For now its load only lasts about 30 minutes, which means that this technology still needs some improvements.

Gentlemen with you, the Hirobo BIT!

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