ZF TRW, an automotive safety system supplier has developed an external airbag that can deploy just before a collision and reduce its impact by30%.ZF‘s pre-crash external side airbag are located in the vehicle’s side sills.

With a volume of 250 liters or more, the airbag is two to three times the size of even the largest side curtain airbags and requires multiple inflators to fill it. ZF’s concept designs are based on conventional airbag fabric and existing inflator technology.Video by: Roadshow

ZF TRW claims that for vehicles to deploy pre-crash external side airbags, they will rely on an array of sensors to detect an imminent collision. Radar, lidar and camera sensors are utilized to help provide the necessary data.

Vehicles will also need to detect a potential collision before the impact. Around 100 milliseconds is the approximate time ZF anticipates will be needed to deploy the airbag so that it is in position and ready before the other vehicle makes full contact.

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