Eat two bananas a day for a month: the effect will take your breath away!


The modern way of life has a definite impact on the way we live, our food and even our sleep. Taken by work and other activities, many people no longer have the time to adopt a healthy diet consisting of natural foods and turn to fast food. Nutritionists advise to avoid it and include bananas in the food routine!

Bananas are delicious, nutritious and rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for the functioning of the body. Many nutritionists say that eating two bananas a day for a month can have amazing health effects!

Here’s how banana consumption can improve your health:
– Bananas contain sodium and have a high potassium content. It can regulate blood pressure and improve heart health. Studies have also shown that daily banana consumption reduces the risk of developing heart disease by 40% by fighting free radicals.

– Constipation can be easily treated by eating bananas. Thanks to fiber, bananas help regulate intestinal transit, heal and prevent problems with the intestines and the digestive system. Some studies show that bananas help relieve the symptoms of diarrhea, especially in children.

– Bananas are an excellent source of energy and are the ideal choice for athletes. Remember to eat them before playing sports to boost your energy.

– Bananas can relieve heartburn because they have a natural antacid effect. If you suffer from heartburn, eating a banana will be of great help to you.

– Bananas are rich in essential minerals such as iron. They control the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin and can greatly help people who suffer from anemia.

– Bananas contain tryptophan, an essential compound for the body. In the body, tryptophan is converted into serotonin, the hormone of happiness. Bananas help fight against depression and stress!

– Scientists have found that students who eat bananas for breakfast, as a snack and after lunch have higher levels of concentration (memory). Potassium in bananas can stimulate the brain, which helps to promote learning and stimulate memory.

– Pregnant women should pay attention to what they eat, bananas are one of the best choices for their diet. Bananas can increase blood sugar levels, which is very helpful in preventing dizziness and morning sickness.

How to promote the consumption of bananas?

Pensez à les ajouter à vos jus et salades de fruits, ou à vos smoothies. Vous pouvez également manger une banane comme collation.

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