Just peel and stick to apply! Weekend Walls is an authentic wood finish that gives soul to modern design. It’s made from the highest-quality reclaimed wood that you can easily install yourself in a single weekend. Completely change the look of a room – and fit it in between brunch and date night!

Yes, you really can finish installing in one weekend (probably in a few hours!) No need to wait, Weekend Walls is simple to order, lightweight, easy to cut, and genuinely the best material out there.

Just peel and stick your way to gorgeousness.You’ll be so happy with your smart stunning walls, you won’t believe you did it yourself without a designer!

Weekend Walls peel and stick wall paneling provides the authentic reclaimed wood and commercial durability you’ve come to expect, with the bonus of being very thin, lightweight and easy to install. It is perfect for retrofits! You can completely refresh a space in a few hours with limited tools and cleanup.

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