Dropbox has developed a large collaboration network around AutoCAD files, with more than 1.5 billion files stored. To go further, the company will collaborate with the Autodesk editor to offer more features to its users.

Since the AutoCAD desktop application, designers will be able to open their files saved on Dropbox and save them in the software without having to leave the application. This new feature is enabled through close collaboration between the two companies. And to convince Autodesk, the file storage company had good arguments: 1.5 billion .dwg files (standard format of design environments) are stored on its platform. Dropbox has developed a large collaboration network around AutoCAD files.

And this is not the first time Dropbox has offered new services to its users: last September, the company launched its DBX Platform platform allowing teams to eliminate content silos, to work with the latest versions of their files directly into AutoCAD and collaborate more efficiently. Through the partnership, Dropbox proposes to preview the files directly in its service and thus facilitate the sharing and the work around these files. “Users will be able to browse their projects to identify, view and comment their .DWG files directly in Dropbox,” the statement said. Teams and customers will be able to view shared files even if AutoCAD or Dropbox is not installed on their computer. The new feature will be available in 2018 for some Dropbox packages.

In video, the operation of the platform:

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