Donald Trump has picked a champion of petroleum derivatives to run the central government’s office renewable energy .

Daniel Simmons will be the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s acting assistant secretary, as indicated by a reminder gotten by E&E News.

The arrangement is the most recent in a series of arrangements of atmosphere science deniers and individuals with connections to non-renewable energy source organizations to key positions in the organization.

Regardless of confirmation that wind and sunlight based power are currently either less expensive than petroleum derivatives or on track to be so inside a couple of years, Mr Simmons has over and over condemned sustainable power source for being more costly than oil or gas.

Furthermore, as The Washington Post called attention to, he commended non-renewable energy sources just a year ago.

“We have to look at the track record of the oil and gas industry [which is] producing low-cost, reliable energy, particularly when the alternative is much, much higher prices,” Mr Daniel Simmons told in an energy forum.

he also said in 2013 at Heartland Institute:

“The most simple of all points is that no matter what the renewable guys say, what they will admit is that their type of power — the wind and solar — is more expensive and will increase the price of electricity.

“And in an economy that is struggling, it is critical that we do everything we can to keep prices low.”

Also, offering proof to Congress in July a year ago about government bolster for the Ivanpah sun oriented power plant, which is supported by Google and different firms, Mr Simmons stated:

“It is awkward that the American citizen has contributed billions of dollars to these offices.”

He will be the sustainable power source office’s essential representative assistant secretary, yet will go about as assistant secretary until one is selected by Mr Trump and endorsed by Congress.

The workplace has a $2 billion spending plan to help inquire about into sustainable power source look into, yet the President has suggested this ought to be cut by 53 for every penny one year from now.

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