When performing various activities by sitting down, comfortable seating becomes a very sensitive issue and needs serious attention. Seating as well as having to meet the value of comfort should provide more value to an interior space and macro provide a positive contribution to the environment. Putting these three criteria, comfortable, thematic and green will always be found on the design reuse, not exceptions in our chair design this time.

The design of the seat from the used tire is now not merely as we always see, a typical design is now very diverse and looks so elegant. Achieved by several different methods and with different combinations of combinations. In this example, for example, some combination of used tires with other materials such as wood, iron pipe and woolen wool is very appealing.

The wooden chair with the holder and the back of this tire for example, a very interesting combination, in addition to the design, becomes more alive and not monotonous, the seat also has a form that is easily accepted by the publicity of the person because the shape is quite familiar as a chair in general.

The above example may have a form that we have seen in the design of this chair design before. But the achievement gives a stronger impression, this is caused because the use of tire intact without cutting that make up every seat. In a bundle with an iron pipe that is bent in curl to get the right shape and proper use.
The following chairs are very interesting, appearing with a typical modern style, in which the iron box iron forms this chair, the shape generally gives the impression of the composition of the box city. Tire tires cut and arranged to give the impression of long and roomy, in uniting with clamps of iron clamps in each junction.

The latter, can be said to be very simple but still interesting, where the tire is intact, on the tilt and in the back by the iron construction, the seat using the pads, this chair is designed for sitting pose relax, but in this picture not seen how the backrest in execution so Impress this chair is less comfortable to sit especially when learning.

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