A DIY vacuum pump is easier to make than you might think, plus with all the applications a homemade vacuum pump can be used in, everyone needs to build one or two.How to make a simple but effective vacuum chamber with a fridge compressor and a steel pot.”via: Black Beard Projects

Very inexpensive if you can find these few components used! This great video by Black Beard Projects shows you a very inexpensive way how to build/diy vacuum pump & chamber with a fridge compressor.

The refrigeration compressor in an old or broken refrigerator/freezer or air conditioner may be used as a low cost vacuum pump for low vacuum applications.When used as a vacuum pump, the compressor no longer receives the lubrication or cooling that was provided by the refrigerant.

With my particular compressor I’m able to pull -27.5 inHg.The ball valve between the chamber and the compressor was not needed at the end, the compressor must have some kind of one way valve so even when it’s turned off it does not let air in.//Disclaimer: This article is meant for educational purposes only, this project is done by a professional who has received the correct training.Don’t try this at HOME if you don’t know what you are doing.

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