– Wash out the pop jugs with hot sudsy water. Evacuate any names. Take into consideration abundant drying time before developing the sweeper.

– Slice the base off every pop container. Utilize the Exacto blade to finish this errand.

– Cut thin strips along the base of the main container. Utilize the scissors to cut strips that are roughly 1/2 inch/1cm long. The more slender the strips, the better. Leave around 2 inches/5cm of container between the jug neck and the strip beat.

– Remove the base of the following pop jug utilizing the Exacto cut. Make sure you cut the jug utilizing an indistinguishable estimations from you did the principal bottle; the floor brush base must arrange once it’s amassed.

– Cut the same surveyed strips the sides of the jug, leaving enough room between the top strips and the jug neck.

– Slice the finish off the second jug. Utilize the Exacto blade to evacuate the exceptionally best segment of the jug.

Be mindful so as not to slice too nearly to the top strips, or else the jug will go to pieces.

– Slide the principal bottle underneath the second container so they are joined as one. The principal bottle neck should fit pleasantly through the cut opening you made in the second container.

– Slice the finish off the third jug. The top for your sweeper will be produced using the third container.

Cut the container utilizing the Exacto cut 66% of the path up from the base of the jug. Leave enough space to hold the other two containers set up.

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