“This DIY Spiral Staircase was made with just over sixteen 12-layer plywood steps that are each rotated 30 degrees around a central steel pole.Designer and YouTuber Ben Uyeda of HomeMade Modern designed the layers to be cut with a X-Carve CNC machine and assembled in his Boston loft.

To build the staircase, Uyeda uses the CNC to cut out 12 shapes of incremental size from a plywood sheet, which he then stacks and fits around the post to secure into place.

Each step in the staircase took about two hours to put together during the initial build before the entire staircase was carefully sanded and finished.

The HomeMade Modern blog, which was founded by the architect, will soon make available free CAD files for the 12 shapes that were CNC-cut into ¾-inch plywood sheets along with the full photo-and-text tutorial and list of tools and supplies.

Though time-and-labor intensive, the project was significantly cheaper than most prefabricated metal spiral staircases, he estimates.”

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