Today on Modern Builds I’m making an Epoxy Resin coffee table from olive wood slabs and Smooth-on Smooth Cast Resin. This project was a lot of fun and a big learning experience for me.via: Modern Builds

Still not quite sure what to call it is it a River Table, Maybe a Lake Table, Island Table, Archipelago Table, and of course there’s always the option of calling it the Cookies and Milk Table. If you’ve got a name for it, leave a comment below!

The video above by Modern Builds shows you the entire process including all the information you could ever need for making your own live-edge river table, including planning, pouring, finishing and caring for your table.

This beaytiful coffee table with a unique resin river is made of carefully with selected wood.This table is a testament to natures raw beauty, the unique style makes this one of a kind coffee table suitable for your living room, office, reception lounges.// Modern Builds

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