Make a really cool secret stash pot out of a Coke can. Perfect for hiding money, keys, USB drives and more. Simple home made craft idea.This tutorial gives you basic details on how to create your own stash can diversion safe from a soda can.

The Coca Cola Stash Can is one of the best diversion safe spot to hide anything small. This item is carefully handcrafted into a safe can. It has a non-detachable screw off top. It is perfect for hiding small valuable items anywhere.

For this really cool coca-cola stash can we need to start by neatly cutting off the top of a full can of coke depending on what can opener you have you might be able to use that.Watch the video above by DaveHax for more info.

This Coke Safe is a unique, thoughtful and discrete way to easily hide your valuable items in plain sight, thereby making dummies out of burglars, thieves and unwanted eyes that could tamper with these items in your absence.

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