I. Introduction:
In this chapter we will present the dimensioning of the metal structure of the rack. We will begin by identifying the loads applied to the structure, then we Let us define the sizing hypotheses. Then we will perform the calculation on ROBOT STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS using standard CM66.

II. Study of the pipe rack:
The Pipe Rack is a revolutionary new patented, simple but
Cost-effective, for the pipe industry.
It is a structure in steel frame E24 steel whose essential role is to
Support the piping .
The main dimensions of the structure are:
The Height = 5 m
Length = 9 m
The Width = 1.50 m
It consists of several elements of different sections and which is motto in family:
The sleepers: Metal or wooden element laid horizontally to fix
Vertical walls: cladding of pre-lacquered sheet, board or panel

Posts: Their roles are to support all the loads absorbed by
The structure and ensure the descent of gravity loads to the foundations.
When they are embedded it contributes to the overall stability of the construction.
O The H or I sections are best suited for such posts.
The diagonals and the uprights: all the elements of the framework intended to:
Transmitting the wind forces to the foundations, – ensuring the stability of the facing structure
To the efforts of the wind.

Figure: Structure modeling

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